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About Us

Our service

ARKetype is an Archival Resource Key (ARK) allocation service managed by the Haute école de gestion de Genève which was initiated thanks to the funding from swissuniversities.

We aim to facilitate the creation and management of long-term and unique identifiers that can be assigned to anything digital, physical, or abstract.

Through ARKetype, organisations are able to create identifiers with a very fine level of granularity that can reflect complex object hierarchies as well as being able to retain traceability, versioning, or even information on the object's persistence or unavaibility through the inflection functionality.

We provide a user interface and an application programming interface (API) for assigning ARK identifiers to resources. Any kind of metadata schemas can be associated with ARKs and for the moment we currently support three types of profiles (Electronic Resource Citation, Dublin Core, DataCite). Try the Advanced Demo Identifier to see how it works.

Our team

Our pricing

We currently offer one pricing level: CHF 1'000 per year for the creation and maintenance of an unlimited number of identifiers.

If you're interested or have any questions, please contact us.


Here are two great FAQ pages about the ARK identifier: